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 (WTS) Zaptor Platinum Edition Voltage Stabilizer

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PostSubject: (WTS) Zaptor Platinum Edition Voltage Stabilizer   Sat Sep 05, 2009 12:56 pm

Zaptor Platinum Edition 2009

Boleh dipasang pada motor atau kereta

:: The ecu can give the best judgment if & only if the signal is accurate, which affects the electrical flow of the system. Hence a stable & powerful electrical system in the car and motorcycle will ensure best torque and response at all times.

:: This voltage stabilizer with its circuit can ensure full range RPM torque and improved acceleration both in track and street use. It will also enhances audio fidelity, lamps and other equipments to their maximum potential.

-Increase torque
-Improve fuel economy
-Improve engine response
-Stabilizes idling
-Quick engine start
-Lesser engine noise
-Increase headlight brightness
-Improve battery life
-Improve battery life
-Improve audio quality
-Wider filter spectrum

::The system stores an electrical energy at all times to provide stable and constant electrical energy whenever there is voltage drop across the supplies
when power is needed from any parts of the car

::The system can filter out electrical noise and eliminate irregular current flow can in the car electrical system.

:: Its very easy to install..just connect the red wire to battery positive and black wire to battery negative

Kesimpulan dia punya function utk stabilkan voltage dari bateri.. Memang elok kalo pakai kat motor yang ader elektrik starter n ditambah laie pada sape2 dah pakai cdi racing atau coil racing!

- Barang ader warranty 18 bulan = 1 tahun 6 bulan (xtermasuk fius).. Kalo rosak leh tuka baru!
- Warranty card akan diberikan

Price: RM85
-Stok Sudah Sampai

- nama penjual : Nazrin
- contact number : 017-2388512
- COD : Seluruk Kawasan Kuala Lumpur Menghale Ke Seremban

- POS : Tambah RM5
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(WTS) Zaptor Platinum Edition Voltage Stabilizer
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